Thursday, February 03, 2011

Yet another sign that I am throughly disillusioned with Obama: I don't trust him to do the right thing with respect to events in Egypt. While the US still has the ability to influence the situation in a positive way, I don't expect he will do beyond making the minimal noises such as "the future of Egypt is the choice of the Egyptian people", as if there is still the possibility that the Egyptian people will freely choose to keep the Mubarak regime. A clear stand, and/or any concrete action is clearly out of the question because that won't be "pragmatic". In the event of a bloody crack-down, I'm sure Obama will make the usual condemnations, and of course there will be sanctions. But fundamentally breaking relations with the Mubarak regime, who is after all a "crucial ally in the volatile Middle East" wouldn't be "realistic"; what to do then but to disapprove and secretly hoping everything blow over soon. The dead will be forgotten, and the imprisoned still languishes, but hopefully the pragmatic, reality-based US-Egyptian strategic relations will resume its usual course after with only a brief interruption. Maybe I will be wrong, I sure hope so, but things have followed this script so far.

What a pitiful little man this Barack Obama is turning out to be.