Saturday, August 11, 2007
The 16-pack of toilet paper (Cottonelle) came in 8 plastic-wrapped 2-pack mini packages. An absurd square footage of plastic for what? I can just imagine how it happened:
product design: "Hey, what if if we wrap 16 packs of TP in 8 individual 2-packs?"
product manager: "Hey, that's a great idea — that way when you accidentally open the pack to much, you won't get 16 rolls rolling all over the place!"
sales & marketing: "Hey, that's great selling point! Let's do it!"
I am just cranky because I have plastic bags-ful of plastic bags stuffed in the cabinet below the sink. I keep meaning to bring my own bag to the grocery but then I don't. The local cooperative supermarket — a Socialist outfit which is so inept at capitalism that it has been losing money ever since I came here, and is only kept afloat by selling shares (I own a share) and cheap rent from the University — won't recycle their own plastic bags.