Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Was walking along tonight, about 10 p.m., not so well-lit, & saw two black youth coming towards me on the sidewalk. Pausing for a moment, my first reaction was to cross the street, and immediately felt pretty silly about it. Just because some one is young, black, wears baggy sports clothing doesn't mean he his going to mug you. Anyway, there was a car driving down the street at the moment. I kept walking, passed them, made eye contact —— of course they didn't do anything.

Then, as the car drove out of sight, I heard steps. Turning around I saw them running towards me. I darted across the street and ran down the other sidewalk —— they followed for a bit, then stopped & turned around. I kept running until I hit a major street.

What are we supposed to do about this? Not all young black men are muggers, but most muggings in the neighbourhood are committed by young black men. When I walk home in the evening, I hate the idea I may have consider every young black man in baggy pants I encounter as a potential mugger & cross the street to avoid them, but I don't want to be beaten up and robbed either. What are we supposed to do?