Wednesday, September 01, 2004
From 沙祖康 Sha Zu-Kang, head of the Chinese delegation to the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva, remarking on the failed motion, brought by the US in April this year, criticising China's human rights record.

As I have said publicly before: the human rights situation in China today is better than that in the US. China has five times the population as the US, on a per capita basis, we should have five times more problems as the US and only then can we say China and the US have similar human rights situations. But in reality, the current human rights situation in China is better than that in the US, meaning human rights in China is at least five times better than in the US. When I made this remark at the meeting [of the UN Human Rights Commission], it was met with great laughter and applause from everyone. From this we can see the US position has no support. The US's stance on human rights is a highly politicized one meant to serve its own interests; the human rights question is only a tool for US policy, and they have no broad support in this.